Malcolm McLaren's cancer was caused by asbestos in the ceiling of his London fashion store, according to his girlfriend.
The punk legend passed away in Switzerland last Thursday (08Apr10) after losing his battle with a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma, which is often associated with asbestos exposure.
Since his passing, MCLaren's son Joe Corre has insisted his father never came into contact with asbestos, but now the former Sex Pistols manager's longterm lover Young Kim has revealed the deadly particles were found in his iconic punk fashion store, Sex.
MCLaren ran the shop in the 1970s with his former partner, Dame Vivienne Westwood, and Kim fears the fashion designer also came into contact with the minerals when she worked in the store.
Kim says, "It was board asbestos. When Malcolm created Sex he broke open the ceiling to make it look like a bomb had hit it. There was a lot of it left and I don't think anyone really did anything about it.
"I always suspected that shop because it was the only place Malcolm ever really spent any serious length of time in, and there was a lot of construction and changing things."