Actor Malcolm McDowell's biggest regret is not making peace with A Clockwork Orange director Stanley Kubrick before he died.
The legendary filmmaker hired MCDowell to play young sociopath Alex DeLarge in his violent 1971 masterpiece, and the pair became close while working on the movie.
MCDowell admits he was devastated when Kubrick stopped contacting him once the film was finished, and the pair never spoke again.
And the Brit reveals he can't forgive himself for failing to put his pride to one side to contact the notoriously tough moviemaker before he passed away in 1999 - and MCDowell broke down when he finally visited Kubrick's grave.
He tells Total Film, "When he died the family invited me to his house, and I went to the grave site. I hadn't spoken to him in 30, 35 years and I just burst into tears. Which caught me by surprise, I must admit.
"I felt regret that I hadn't picked up the phone and said, 'I'm coming to see you", or something. But then I thought, well why the f**k didn't he pick up the phone? So we're back to the pride thing, which is not good. It's one of the only regrets I've ever had, really, that I didn't make things right between us before he died."