Veteran actor Malcolm McDowell agreed to record a commentary track for an upcoming DVD release of his controversial movie CALIGULA, despite the fact he hates the film. MCDowell only agreed to tape the voiceover track when he learned his Oscar-winning co-star on the raunchy 1979 movie, Dame Helen Mirren, had already recorded one. And MCDowell admits he used the opportunity to settle a few old scores. He tells MTV, "I pretty much did let it rip (on the commentary track). "They said to me, 'Look, Helen Mirren did a track...' and I went, 'Dame Helen Mirren did a track on Caligula? Who am I to refuse?' "I've got very ambivalent feelings about the film, unfortunately, because (Penthouse publisher and producer Bob) Guccione really behaved so badly. He stuck in porn and all that, and it doesn't seem to bother anybody else except me." The 'Three-Disc Imperial Edition' of Caligula is released on DVD in the U.S. in October (07).