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‘Get Carter’ And ‘Flash Gordon’ Director Mike Hodges Dead Aged 90

‘Get Carter’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ director Mike Hodges is dead aged 90.The acclaimed film veteran’s close friend Mike Kaplan confirmed to The Guardian late on Tuesday night (20.12.22) he died at his home in Dorset...

Malcolm Mcdowell Amazed By A Clockwork Orange Popularity

Malcolm McDowell says fans are still obsessed with 'A Clockwork Orange' 50 years on from the film's release.The 79-year-old star played Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick's cult dystopian crime movie and explained that fans are...

Malcolm Mcdowell Got Death Threats For Killing Captain Kirk

Malcolm McDowell got death threats for killing Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek Generations'.The 77-year-old actor played the villainous Dr. Tolian Soran in the 1994 sci-fi movie and explained how he had been threatened by fans...

Actor Aubrey Morris Dies At 89

Morris, who is perhaps best known for his role as probation officer Mr. Deltoid in A Clockwork Orange, passed away on Thursday (16Jul15). His films credits from a five-decade career include the...

Matthew Mcconaughey's 'Exceptional Thong'

Matthew McConaughey wears an ''exceptional thong'' in 'Magic Mike'.The actor plays a ''lunatic guy'' in the male stripper film, and promises fans will get to see him bare plenty of his flesh for the role.When...

Mcdowell's Regrets Over Kubrick Fall Out

Actor Malcolm Mcdowell's biggest regret is not making peace with A Clockwork Orange director Stanley Kubrick before he died.The legendary filmmaker hired MCDowell to play young sociopath Alex DeLarge in his violent 1971 masterpiece, and...

Mcdowell Settles Old Scores On Caligula Dvd Commentary Track

Veteran actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL agreed to record a commentary track for an upcoming DVD release of his controversial movie CALIGULA, despite the fact he hates the film. MCDowell only agreed to tape the voiceover track...

Malcolm Mcdowell Calls For The End Of The Monarchy

British actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL is campaigning to turn the United Kingdom into a republic, branding the monarchy "stupid". The A Clockwork Orange star is frustrated attitudes to government have barely changed in the past 50...

Mcdowell: 'Cocaine Ruled My Life'

British screen veteran MALCOLM McDOWELL almost lost everything when his cocaine problem spiralled out of control. The A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star, 61, has revealed for the first time the details of his drug hell,...

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