Review of The L.S.B. Single by Make Model

Make Model
The L.S.B.
Single Review
(The Biz Records)

Make Model The L.S.B. Single

As the new project of ex-Fickle Public mainman Lewis Gale, hopes are understandably high for Glaswegian six-piece Make Model.

'The L.S.B.' then is not too dissimilar to the type of dance-infused math-rock one would have expected from people with such vastly exciting pedigrees, and although there are obvious reference points aplenty (Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem to name but two) these don't make this single any less interesting.

Sounding as enthusiastic as a bunch of teenagers who've just discovered that thing called music they see and hear on MTV every day can be created using human hands, 16 strings and a couple of tin cans - OK, maybe not the last bit - Make Model are the latest in a long line of bands whose rock origins have developed a healthy dancefloor orientation.

Roping in the Union Of Knives to remix accompanying track 'Czech Neck' also seems to have served them well, as if any of the two songs on this single can cement their place in the sweaty confines of amphetamine clubland, this is it.

Eyes focused and ears to the ground it is then, as Make Model are seriously ones to watch.

Dom Gourlay

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