Maisie Williams thinks it would be ''amazing'' to make a movie with her friend Sophie Turner.

The 23-year-old actress would love to reunite with her 'Game of Thrones' co-star but only if the project was ''right'' and she thinks they'd be best suited to a female friendship comedy because they have a genuine bond.

Asked about the possibility, she told OK! magazine: ''That would be amazing but it would need to be right. I think it would be great to create something together but I am not the most incredible writer.

''I think it would be hard to do something with Sophie that wasn't a comedy.

''I think it would have to be about a friendship. Friendships are written in films all the time, but it's really hard for people to show a genuine friendship on screen because they are often not friends in real life.

''I think there is an intimacy and comfort that you find with people that you have known for a really long time, so it would be fun to show off our friendship.''

The 'New Mutants' star plans to explore different avenues in the future, and she also intends to take plenty of time off work in order to travel.

She said: I want to explore lots of creative avenues. I want to paint and draw and write and do all the things that I love to do.

''I would love to make my own movies and I feel there is so much opportunity for that.

''In terms of living a full life, I want to run a marathon and I want to travel. I want to meet people around the world.

''I have travelled so much with work but you only get a quick snapshot of a lot of different cities. I want to take my time.''