Ever since ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Maisie Williams was announced as a guest star for the new season of ‘Doctor Who’, fans have been impatiently wondering who her character could be. But now showrunner Steven Moffat has opened up a little about what fans can expect when the young actress appears in the series later this year.

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Willams will guest star in ‘Doctor Who’s’ ninth season.

Appearing at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Beverly Hills Moffat was asked by the crowd who Williams is playing. Naturally the show runner didn't give too much a way but he did shed a little light on what fans have to look forward to.

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“I can’t really tell you," Moffat said. "I think once you see what she’s up to in the show you’ll appreciate what a clever idea of Brian Minchin’s -- that was [my co-exec] who thought of Maisie for this part. It’s a significant role. We’re not throwing her away. We’re not just getting star value and doing nothing with it. It’s a great part, and she’s terrific in it. But, I would say, it will develop in unexpected ways." 

"One thing I think is worth saying because it keeps coming up as an issue. She is not playing a returning character,” he added. “She’s a brand new character. She is not someone from the Doctor’s past.... Unless I’m lying. Aye.”

Moffat also addressed the long standing question of a ‘Doctor Who’ move. ”The thing about the film, it’s not actually up to me," Moffat said. "That’s up to the BBC. To say the least I don’t own ‘Doctor Who’.... What are we going to do -- shut down for a year and make a movie? Does everyone really want that? One movie instead of a whole series?”

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“Or the idea that I’ve always been incredibly resistant to, and you’ll be glad to know, Pete, is the idea that you would have a different Doctor in the movie because I think that would just be incredibly damaging to the franchise,” he added. “You can’t have two James Bonds at the same time.”