For Magic Johnson, knowing his son was gay didn't cause him any discomfort, dissatisfaction or disappointment because he was proud of his middle child no matter what his sexual preferences are or any other nagging issues he may have had. Magic Johnson is a good man but unfortunately much of the rest of the world consists of many unsavoury and prejudiced individuals and for this reason we can understand why he would have wanted to keep his son's sexuality out of the public spotlight.

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson has set an example that others must follow if homophobia is to be eradicated from sport

Earlier this week, celebrity gossipers TMZ posted a video of EJ Johnson holding hands with his suspected boyfriend, making his sexuality public knowledge. In the midst of the media attention now surrounding his son, Magic sat down with TMZ to discuss his son's sexuality and during the discussions it became clear that Magic has absolutely no problems with his son's lifestyle as he announced that he backs his son's choices 100%. Magic spoke at length about the difficulties his son faced before coming out eight years ago, as EJ was ruing the potential reaction from his father. He said, "He really wanted to make sure I was OK. He wasn't worried about his mom. … I think he was worried about what would I think. Am I going to change toward him or something like that."

Magic then went on to address the still touchy subject of homophobia in sports and gave his full backing to anyone in the sport world who is brave enough to come out of the closet. Magic, the co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, was also quizzed on how he'd react if a member of his Dodgers team came out as gay, to which he responded, "If that ever happened, I'm going to support him 150%...That's who I am. I'm a protector."