Maggie Gyllenhaal thinks female filmmakers are "used to working with less".

The 44-year-old star admitted to working with a "tiny" budget while making her acclaimed drama film 'The Lost Daughter', and she also confessed that the shoot was a little bit chaotic behind the scenes.

Maggie - who wrote and directed the film - shared: "We needed another day and a half. I like wildness. I don’t like insanity. And there was a little bit of insanity."

The actress-turned-director ultimately wishes women in the movie industry were given "a little more space and time".

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "Even when I made films as an actress [with stories] about women, when we had no money: ‘Fine, fine, we’ll just make do with what we have.’ I really hope that we can have a little more space and time [in the future]."

Maggie recently admitted that her "entire life has changed" as a result of her Oscar nomination.

'The Lost Daughter' has been nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay gong at the upcoming ceremony, and Maggie admits it's a landmark moment in her career.

She shared: "It feels like my entire life has totally changed.

"My favourite part of the whole [awards season experience] has been meeting people whose films I love, hearing from people who have way more experience than I do, how they're thinking about film, what they're working on, how they work. It's really been cool; I'm being included in that community."

Maggie also acknowledged that the landscape for women in the film industry is slowly improving.

She said: "I think a conscious effort is being made in our industry to make more space for us. As a united group, we are very powerful."