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Liam Neeson Introduces Bryan Mills To Maggie Grace's Ex In Awesome Prank Call

Having Liam Neeson as a fake dad had its uses according to 'Taken' star Maggie Grace, who plays Bryan Mills daughter Kim in the hostage action movie series, especially when it came to phoning up...

Golden Globe Nominees Celebrate At Audi Pre-event Party [Photos]

With the 72nd Golden Globe Awards set to air on NBC on Sunday 11th January, the residents of Los Angeles are partying the remaining days away in anticipation of the celebration. Before converging on The...

Liam Neeson Is 'Incredibly Protective'

Liam Neeson is ''incredibly protective'' of Maggie Grace.The 'Taken 3' actress, who previously dated Ian Somerholder and entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie, admits her 62-year-old co-star once called one of ex-boyfriends to confront him about hurting her...

Liam Neeson Admits Bryan Mills Has Finally Met His Match In 'Taken 3'

Liam Neeson is set to return yet again for another spell of breakneck action and a seemingly impossible manhunt in 'Taken 3'; a movie which he claims will be the biggest of the franchise yet...

Liam Neeson Is On The Lam In "Taken 3" [Trailer + Pictures]

Liam Neeson is back doing what he does best – kicking a** and taking names – in the newly released trailer for Taken 3. I can almost hear the collective groan at that piece of...

Nobody Gets Taken In Taken 3?

Liam Neeson says ''nobody gets taken'' in 'Taken 3'.The 61-year-old actor is set to star in a third instalment of Luc Besson's popular franchise following the success of the previous films however he has hinted...

Liam Neeson Makes Taken 3 Comeback For $20m

Liam Neeson may be back for 'Taken 3' after being offered a $20 million deal. The 61-year-old actor may reprise his role as ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills in the popular action movie franchise, according to...

I Will Find You, And I Will Give You $20 Million: Liam Neeson Will Get Massive Pay Cheque For Taken 3

Many people must have left the cinema having seen the first Taken and thought; "that was great, I can't see any sequels coming out of it though." Well how wrong you were because not only...

Liam Neeson Back For Taken 3?

Liam Neeson is making a deal for 'Taken 3'.Despite previously dismissing the idea, the 61-year-old actor has reportedly entered negotiations to star in a third instalment of Luc Besson's popular franchise after the 2012 sequel...

Twilight Stars Become Real-life Pals

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn stars Casey Labow, Maggie Grace, Julia Jones and Mia Maestro have become best friends on and off the set - and they regularly hook up for coven-like dinner parties.The foursome...

Maggie Grace Dotes On Cat She Saved From Death In Hawaii

Actress Maggie Grace has a very special furry souvenir from her time in Hawaii filming TV series Lost - she nursed a sick cat back to health on the set and took him home with...

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