Madonna's former trainer thinks the singer has reversed years of hard work to make her body more feminine.

Celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson - who has worked with Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell in the past - explained she put a lot of effort into getting rid of the singer's bulky frame, but she now thinks the 52-year-old star is "going back the other way".

She explained: "I reversed the years Madonna spent getting bulky and made her more feminine, but I think she's going back the other way now.

"You just have to look at any of the other women I work with and you can see that's not what my method produces."

After first being introduced to Madonna by Gwyneth in 2006, Tracy stopped working alongside her after three years and she is unsure as to whether she will ever be friends with the singer - who recently revealed she plans to launch her own range of gyms - again.

She added to Grazia magazine: "Will we ever be friends again? That's a tough question. I don't have rivals in life, it's not who I am. I try to be a good person and I give a lot. Some people appreciate that and use it for the right reasons, and some people take from it.

"I've worked for over a decade to come up with something that's my own work and my own invention and my own blood, sweat and tears. I think that's where the biggest sore spot is. I like to invent things and she likes to reinvent them!"