Madonna's smash hit single LIKE A PRAYER has topped an MTV poll of videos which "broke the rules". The 1989 video depicts the MATERIAL GIRL dancing around burning crosses and kissing a black Christ-like figure in a church. Christian organisations criticised the promo, labelling it blasphemous. Two other Madonna videos, RAY OF LIGHT and VOGUE, also feature in the top five at numbers four and five respectively. Britney Spears is at number two with her BABY ONE MORE TIME video, and Michael Jackson's THRILLER, directed by John Landis, is at number three. The Top 10 Videos Which Broke The Rules are: 1. MADONNA - LIKE A PRAYER (1989) 2. BRITNEY SPEARS - BABY ONE MORE TIME (1999) 3. MICHAEL JACKSON - THRILLER (1982) 4. MADONNA - RAY OF LIGHT (1998) 5. MADONNA - VOGUE (1999) 6. MICHAEL AND JANET JACKSON - SCREAM (1995) 7. ROBBIE WILLIAMS - ROCK DJ (2000) 8. ERIC PRYDZ - CALL ON ME (2004) 9. JAMIROQUAI - VIRTUAL INSANITY (1997) 10. SPICE GIRLS - WANNABE (1996).