Apparently having a famous parent doesn't stop the fact that mothers can be embarrassing! Although Madonna attended the same college as her 18-year-old daughter Lourdes, the University of Michigan, the pop icon appears to be banned from hanging around the campus for too long.

Madonna recently spoke about her 18-year-old daughter attending college

While speaking with the 'Today' show's Carson Daly, Madonna revealed that because Lourdes doesn't want her celebrity mom to be attracting too much attention while the 56-year-old singer pays a visit, her oldest child will not allow her to go to the college's football games.

"I'm not allowed at games," the 'Like A Prayer' singer said during a recent interview on the 'Today' show. "You think my daughter wants me at a game?"

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But when Madonna does secretly check in on Lourdes, she is just another concerned parent. "I'm very 'mom,'" she said of how she acts during her visits.

"I'm very, you know, worried: 'Are you okay? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right?' You know, I set up a humidifier in her room with eucalyptus oil. I was worried about the fact that she didn't have enough towels, Q-tips."

The Grammy-winner, who is also the mother to three younger children, Rocco, 13, Mercy, 9, and David Banda, 9, also attended the University of Michigan in the late 1970's but eventually dropped out to pursue a musical career in New York City.

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With past experience about living at the college, Daly asked Madonna what advice she gave to Lourdes before her first day. "Try to do everything in moderation. Try not to kill all your brain cells. And try to go to class," she said.