After leaked demos, Instagram controversy and a fall inducing wardrobe malfunction Madonna is finally able to let her music do the talking as Rebel Heart gets its long awaited release. With over 30 years in the music industry and 13 albums under her belt, Madonna surely shouldn’t have much to prove, except, of course that she’s still relevant.

MadonnaRebel Heart is Madonna's 13th studio album

With 19 tracks Rebel Heart is by far Madonna’s longest offering and the album also features a number of big names in the producer’s chair from Kanye West to DJ Diplo.

Writing in Rolling Stone, Caryn Ganz describes Rebel Heart as “a long, passionate, self-referential meditation on losing love and finding purpose in chilling times,” giving the album 3.5 stars out of five.

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But while some might wondering why Madonna felt 19 tracks was necessary, The Guardian's Alexis Petridis offers an explanation, calling Rebel Heart “essentially two separate albums”. “One is wistful and thick with reflections on failed love affairs and intimations of self-doubt,” Petridis writes. “The other offers dirty talk and defiant I’m-still-here snarls set to EDM-inspired productions, frequently the handiwork of Diplo.”

The New York Daily News’ Jim Farber feels Rebel Heart contains “some of the most finely structured pop melodies of Madonna’s 32-year career.” Adding that “the slam-dunk opener, ‘Living for Love’, stands with her great gospel-soul songs of the past: ‘Like a Prayer’ and ‘Express Yourself’. Of the ballads, ‘Ghosttown’ rates with her best: ‘Live to Tell and ‘Crazy for You’.”

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“Madonna has never gotten the credit she deserves as a musician, or as an album artist,” writes Billboard’s Joe Levy. "Her essential interests are unchanging -- dancefloor ecstasy, European balladry, 1960s pop classicism -- but her expression of them finds new articulations. Rebel Heart has 14 producers working in seven different teams and still it sounds exactly like a Madonna album.”

So at 56 years old and after 30 years in the music industry and with 13 albums under her belt, is Madonna still relevant? In a word, yes and Rebel Heart should be all the proof we need.