Madonna is considering adopting a second child, with Cambodia and the Palestinian territories top of her list of targets.
Despite the furore surrounding her long-drawn-out adoption of Malawian David Banda, the singer insists she has not been put off, and is planning to add to her family with director husband Guy Ritchie.
She still faces an adoption hearing in Malawi next month (May08), 18 months after she took custody of the three year old.
But Madonna says, "I've been visited every six weeks by social workers who come into the house and make sure that you're being a good parent and that David's (Banda) health is thriving.
"And (the social workers) ask you all kinds of invasive questions and you have to put up with it and endure it.
"I've been fingerprinted about 20 times and undergone psychological evaluations and I think everybody who goes through adoptions has to do this. I'm not alone. But you know, I would do it again."
In a segment of Madonna's interview with U.S. TV host Ann Curry not aired on the Today Show on Friday (25Apr08), the superstar revealed she is now looking to work in orphanages in other parts of the world - including Cambodia and Palestinian territories.