2014 may have ended on a frustrating note for Madonna with the leak of unfinished tracks from her new album, but Giorgio Moroder is predicting a “big” year for the star.

In an interview with Bang Showbiz, the influential producer and DJ believes that as long Madonna releases the right sort of album she will become “big again”. He said that he was keen to hear the new LP, entitled Rebel Heart and due for release in February 2015, and that it was good news that she was working with producer Avicii, currently one of the hottest names in pop.

Madonna's new album, which has suffered from internet leaks, can still make her "big" again

The 74 year old icon said: “Madonna is still relevant, people still love her and she's still good. She's getting older of course but she still has a great voice. I think if she makes the right dance album I think she could become quite big again. I know she's working with very young people and I think she could do well with the right record.”

It was roughly a decade ago that the veteran star released Confessions on a Dancefloor, which saw her team up with producer Stuart Price and successfully update her image. It once again demonstrated her ability to move with the times. While she may have been responsible for a couple of less than well-judged releases over the decades, she’s always managed to prove the doubters wrong when it really counts.

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Moroder himself is planning a comeback in the new year, with his latest album 74 is the New 24 scheduled for release in January. Having practically invented the template for modern club music back in 1977 by producing Donna Summer’s dancefloor classic ‘I Feel Love’, and having enjoyed a popular rediscovery through Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories last year (which included a track called ‘Giorgio By Moroder’, it will be his first album for more than thirty years.

74 is the New 24 will feature collaborations with many modern artists, including Britney Spears, Charlie XCX and Kylie Minogue among others.

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