It's sad that we have to live in a society where a perfectly natural part of the human body makes headline news. But, unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened with Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, who happened to be sporting unshaved armpits in a recent photograph with her mother.

Lourdes Leon enjoys a beach vacationLourdes Leon enjoys a beach vacation

The 21-year-old gave a huge red-lipped grin as she reached backwards to hug her famous mother who was cradling her face in a gorgeous New Year shot that Madonna posted on Instagram this week. It was a beautiful candid moment, but few people cared about that.

It was the revelation that Lourdes does not, in fact, shave her armpits like the majority of Western women, instead prefering to embrace her natural bodily features. It's a moment that should be celebrated, and yet many internet users have gone into shock over it. 

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But it shouldn't be this much of a shock. Fashion icons the likes of Gigi Hadid, Paris Jackson, Lady Gaga and Madonna herself have all foregone the discomfort of the razorblade in favour of a relaxed approach to their body hair, and yet for some reason many men and women still find it immensely gross for some reason. 

It certainly isn't the first time the internet has gone wild over Lourdes' pits in particular. Last year she was enjoying a beach trip with some friends, but instead of the internet commenting on her enviable bikini body, all anyone could see was the small patches of hair under each arm. 

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Needless to say, we highly doubt Lourdes is going to take any notice of the web's latest storm on her body. She's a big feminist advocate like her mom, so she's likely to be proud to represent women who do whatever they want regardless of what society expects of them. Lourdes Leon is every woman's hero.