Madonna's latest tour MDNA has faced controversy for months. It began with her bizarre choice of using a swastika in a video included in the show, which she subsequently removed (The Guardian), and has continued with her unsympathetic use of a gun at a concert in Denver just months after 12 innocent people were murdered in a gun rampage in the city. Most recently in her endorsement of Barack Obama she referred to him as a 'black Muslim' (when actually he's a mixed race Christian) and told the crowd in New Orleans to vote for him, resulting in waves of boos and cheers, reported by the LA Times. 

Despite repeated controversy, Madonna nevertheless persists in her 'political statements' and has never shied away from letting the world know her opinion. It ends up begging the question, firstly whether her comments will actually affect anyone's political view points- thus whether her statements are really worth their salt? And secondly, whether celebrities are the right kind of people to be endorsing anyone? The answer to these questions is largely 'no', but on some conditions. 

Firstly, no, almost no one will be affected by her comments and therefore they really aren't worth much. Yes, she'll have some crazed fans who will do whatever she says. This would probably include eating their pet's excrement if the Vogue star said it was a good idea. Everyone else (hopefully) is autonomous enough to make up their own mind. And secondly, no, celebs on the whole are probably not the right people to do political endorsing. Or at least, not always. Eva Longoria gave a rousing speech that made a lot of sense and was well informed at the Democratic National Convention saying "Eva Longoria flipping burgers at Wendy's needed a tax break, Eva Longoria on movie sets does not". Sadly, there are far too many celebs like Lindsay Lohan who chop and change their political views as and when it suits their own needs, which may just effect those 'crazed fans' and may just sway the vote on ungrounded views.