Madness frontman GRAHAM 'SUGGS' MCPHERSON stunned fans at Sting's concert on Wednesday (04Jul12) by fulfilling a lifelong dream of sharing a stage with the star.
The Our House hitmaker was watching his idol perform a set at the Henley Festival in Oxfordshire, England when he suddenly leaped onstage.
He told the audience, "I mean this so sincerely. When I was a kid, right, I used to look at Sting and I used to think, one day goddamnit. Given the chance. And here it is right before you. Ladies and gentlemen, Sting."
Halting the music, The Police rocker replied, "Thank you Suggs. Give him a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen."
Suggs was subsequently escorted offstage by security guards, but his singer wife Bette Bright has dismissed reports her husband was drunk during his appearance.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "I wasn't with him. But he wasn't really drunk because he knew he had to go to Stuttgart (in Germany) today. He just got on stage, which he always does, and said how much he loved Sting. That was about it."