Madness frontman Graham 'suggs' Mcpherson has blasted long-standing rumours he was a roadie for fascist rock band Skrewdriver.

The British singer is said to have carried equipment for the notorious group in the late 1970s but he has now spoken out to deny the speculation, insisting he wanted nothing to do with Skrewdriver once they started writing neo-Nazi songs.

Suggs tells Mojo magazine, "I was never a roadie for Skrewdriver. I don't know where that came from, someone put it in a biography of Madness. I knew (singer) Ian Stuart (Donaldson) a bit and the rest of the band, who were like a punk band at the time... so I saw them around. Then what's-his-name (Donaldson) became an obergruppenfuhrer (Nazi) and I never spoke to him again."