British band Madness have been honoured by Polish officials for their contribution to a freedom movement in the country during the 1980s.

The musicians attended a ceremony on Monday (17Dec12) at the Polish Embassy in London where they were handed Medals of Gratitude from the European Solidarity Centre by Polish Ambassador Witold Sobkow.

The honour stems from the band's decision to contribute a gig fee to the Polish Solidarity Campaign in the 1980s.

Frontman Graham 'Suggs' MCPherson said at the ceremony, "Freedom is a beautiful thing."

Officials at the Polish Embassy posted pictures from the ceremony on, writing, "(Madness) receives Medals of Gratitude from Polish Ambassador Sobkow (at the) Polish Embassy Uk... Ambassador Witold Sobkow welcomed Madness this evening and thanked them for their support of Poland's fight for freedom in the 1980s... Great evening (at the) Polish Embassy Uk spent with Madness listening to their impressions of Poland when they came to visit in 1984!"