Madina Lake took to the stage for a gig in Britain on Sunday (01Aug10) just weeks after their bassist was left critically injured in a street attack.
Matthew Leone was hospitalised in his native Chicago, Illinois in early July (10) after he was beaten unconscious as he attempted to break up a violent domestic dispute between two strangers.
The rocker suffered a fractured skull in the alleged attack, and underwent life-saving surgery to reduce swelling on his brain.
The Smashing Pumpkins played a benefit concert in Chicago last week (30Aug10) to raise money for Leone's medical care, and now Madina Lake have returned to the stage themselves, playing at the Sonisphere festival in England on Sunday (01Aug10).
Leone's brother Nathan took the opportunity to thank fans for their support and revealed his sibling is on the road to recovery.
He tells, "My brother's recently been through some difficult times. It's been an impossible situation for a month and I've seen some things and gone through some things that I'd never wish upon my worst enemy. But most importantly, (my brother has) survived a second significant surgery and is on his way to recovery.
"(We) won't know for up to a year what (kind) of long-term effect a kind of trauma like that can have".
A man named as Justin Pivec has been arrested in connection with the alleged attack and has been charged with aggravated battery causing serious bodily harm.