Madina Lake rocker MATTHEW LEONE is suffering vertigo and facial paralysis as he battles to recover from a devastating assault earlier this year (10).
The bassist was hospitalised in Chicago, Illinois in July (10) after he was beaten unconscious as he attempted to break up a violent domestic dispute between two strangers.
He underwent life-saving surgery to reduce swelling on his brain and treat his fractured skull - and the rocker has now revealed the full extent of his health issues as he recovers at home in Chicago.
Leone admits he's "frustrated" that his brain functioning has been affected by the attack, leaving him prone to bouts of tiredness and unable to rejoin the band for live shows.
But he's determined to return to full health and has already started playing his beloved bass, which he admits is keeping his spirit alive.
Leone tells Kerrang! magazine, "I get so frustrated with being sidelined from my life, my career, and my relationship, so from time to time I'll try to act normal and then I have to go to bed for a few days.
"The toughest part is that I can't tour or do anything physical at the moment, which is a huge bummer. I have several months of intense rehabilitation ahead of me and I'm just hoping for the best."
Detailing the effects of the assault on his health, Leone adds: "I have good days and bad days. I have vertigo, part of my face is paralysed, and I have questionable memory and neurological function. My brain tissue is damaged badly, so my head will fill up with blood if I try to jog, or even lie down.
"I can't open my mouth wide enough to take a reasonable bite of food. My motor skills are hanging in there, so I try to focus on the positive; I can play bass, I can walk and talk and, for now, that is satisfying."