As one of this year's most talked about new shows and surprise television hits, Archie Comics live-action adaptation 'Riverdale' beat the odds, introducing a slew of intriguing and exciting characters that fans of the comics have known for some time. Now with a second season ordered by The CW, viewers are looking forward to what we may be able to expect when the series makes its small screen return.

Madchen Amick is expected to return for 'Riverdale' season 2Madchen Amick is expected to return for 'Riverdale' season 2

If the episodes we've seen so far are anything to go by, 'Riverdale' will continue to be a dark and highly emotional television show, with humour propping up genuinely jaw-dropping storylines that include more twists and turns than many on the air. 

One of the characters who went through perhaps one of the most interesting evolutions as the show's first season progressed was Alice Cooper; the mother of Betty Cooper, played by renowned actress Madchen Amick. Starting things out as somewhat of a villain, she went through a transformation of character into a fan favourite force, despite what she'd done to her other daughter, Polly Cooper.

Now, Amick is teasing what we should expect from the show's upcoming second season, with a new villain apparently right around the corner.

"I know a lot of really good paths that we're all gonna take, and it's exciting," the actress said in a chat with Collider. "I'm impressed that the writers come up with these trajectories for the characters and families, and how they intertwine. From what I've heard about season 2, it just sounds like it's gonna be an even better season than the first one. There's a new looming threat that's gonna be showing up in Riverdale for season 2 that I think you're gonna really enjoy."

Exactly who that new villain may be remains to be seen, but with the arrival of Veronica Lodge's father in 'Riverdale', and the cliffhanger ending that saw Archie's father shot in the local Pop's hangout, there may be plenty of options available for writers.

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'Riverdale' season 1 is available now on Netflix, with season 2 set to debut on The CW in the US on October 11, before returning to Netflix in the UK shortly after.