Review of The Sellout Album by Macy Gray

Macy Gray is back with her fifth studio album 'The Sellout'. You couldn't imagine a world without this charismatic character gracing us all with that soul and distinctive raspy voice. Macy Gray continues in fine form with 'The Sellout' and maintains her legacy as a unique artist. Like all true musicians/vocalists it takes time to grow and mature enough to show genuine individuality and on listening 'The Sellout' is further confirmation that Gray is a decent artist with more to offer.

Macy Gray The Sellout Album

Ever since watching Macy on TV with her first major hit 'I Try' it wasn't hard not to like her and see her larger than life character and uniqueness. She's won Grammy's and been in Hollywood films during her career but she's still hungry to create music and it's easy to tell that's where her heart is.

It's obvious to me now that her energy isn't going to burn out too quickly, and with 'The Sellout', she proves she's still cooking! It's a cool, accessible album that is light, yet clever and quirky in sweet Gray style that's hard not to enjoy.

Five albums on and Macy Gray is still making good music. The fusion in 'The Sellout' is good natured and playful with some grit and funk thrown in. True Macy style! If the right tracks are picked as singles, it's easy to see Macy garnering new fans with the release and if you're fan you won't be disappointed. If you remember Macy Gray but forgot to check her out recently and hear this, you'll remember that she's a cool Diva.

Tareck Ghoneim

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