Take one look at the trailer for Jeremy Saulnier's superbly twister thriller, Blue Ruin, and it's clear that the filmmaker made the most of his $38,000 budget. In fact, it's astonishing that a film so packed with action, suspense and drama has been made with what would be considered a single day's catering cost for some blockbusters.

Blue Ruin Poster
Hold On To Your Hats & Start Plotting Revenge: The Critically Acclaimed 'Blue Ruin' Is Headed To Cinemas.

Macon Blair ('Gretchen,' 'Murder Party') takes the lead in this critically acclaimed psychological rollercoaster. He plays Dwight, a vulnerable and homeless man who has hit rock bottom years after his parents' murder. One day, Dwight is picked up by cops who inform him that his parents' murderer has finally been released from jail. Carrying the scars of his childhood trauma, Dwight vows that the murderer will not forget his crime and gets to work smartening himself up and becoming trained in firearm use so that he can carry out his brutal revenge himself.

As the trailer shows, Dwight isn't exactly the most skilled of gunmen but puts in the hours doing target practice at a local rifle range. Having smartened himself up from the bin-raiding tramp he used to be, he reconnects with his estranged partner but this isn't enough to deter him from his determined mission to kill the man responsible for ruining his life.

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Brooklyn-resident Blair described his latest role in an interview with Film Club last year: "Blue Ruin is kind of an art-house take on the standard American revenge story, in which a mysterious beach bum tries to exact vengeance on a person from his past who had wronged him and the results are disastrous. The director once described it as Wendy & Lucy meets Taxi Driver, which I think is apt," he said.

Having been compared to the work of the Coen brothers and Hitchcock, Blue Ruin sees Blair re-teaming with Murder Party director Saulnier for another dark cinematic journey through the human mind. Saulnier raised funds for the movie's release through a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. He managed to raise a massive $38,000 for the film's completion, exceeding his original $35,000 desired pledge.

Blue Ruin will be released on the 25th April in the UK and on the 2nd May in the UK.

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