The award-winning duo of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis must have hoped for more educated fans!

Although there is only one vocalist, it takes a team effort to create hit tracks such as 'Thrift Shop,' 'Same Love' and 'Can't Hold Us,' with which a producer is essential.

But do people actually know this? Jimmy Fallon wanted to find out so he sent the real Ryan Lewis into New York to see if the public knew who he was, in a segment for the 'Tonight Show.'

Lewis is a good sport as he hit the streets, armed with a camera, to interview the general public on the current state of hip-hop, and of course if they are fans of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

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But the most hilarious part came when questions just began to revolve around the 26 year-old producer. He asked several twenty-something's if they knew what his role was.

"Don't really know what he does; he's like a package deal. He comes with Macklemore a lot," one man said. Another gentleman summed up Lewis' work as just going onstage with "computers and whatnot."

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Other fans were asked to identify the DJ in a snap of the successful duo so they could rate his appearance, but Lewis would eventually lift the photo closer to his face to see if the so-called hip-hop fans would finally realize who the interviewer was.

Most people figured out the connection straight away and were either pleasantly surprised, shocked or embarrassed, but unfortunately one girl still couldn't recognize Lewis until he came clean.

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Towards the end of the segment, Lewis asks "what does Ryan Lewis do?" to an unknown individual off-camera, but the studio audience suddenly burst into a loud cheer as they see this man is Macklemore himself, who replies, "to be honest, I have no idea!"

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