Macaulay Culkin has pulled out of a scheduled gig. Macaulay Culkin was set to do his monthly DJ set at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City's West Village on Thursday night (Feb 9th 2012) but pulled out at the last minute.
The 31-year-old actor bailed out and left a sign which was taped to a box by the bar, informing fans that 'MACk' would not be on the turntables that night, but 'the iPod has arrived' to replace him. He added that the event would now be changed to a food drive where people could get into the party for free if they brought with them canned goods. A club employee told People: 'He's here all the time. He comes pretty often. Tonight, something just came up and he couldn't make it. But he did drop off his iPod - that's what's playing. It's a shame he's not here, because he always plays really good music.' The former boyfriend of Mila Kunis had been spotted by Entertainment Tonight that very same day 'looking extremely thin and scruffy' with photos snapping him holding a can of Red Bull in one hand and a pair of sunglasses in the other. A spokesperson assured fans that he 'is in perfectly good health.', whilst his representative further stressed: 'For Entertainment Tonight - or any other media outlet - to speculate otherwise is reckless, irresponsible and destructive. We implore them to discontinue the rumour.'
Culkin is rumoured to be starring in the MARTIN J. THOMAS directed 'Service Man', scheduled for release next year.