Macaulay Culkin’s comedy band, The Pizza Underground, hasn’t really had the desired effect. Pelted with beer and booed off stage in Nottingham last week, the band haven’t given a reason for cancelling the rest of their U.K dates, but it’s pretty obvious.

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin wears weird jeans whenever he wants

Turns out, life in a novelty comedy band after being a worldwide child star isn’t as easy as everyone said it would be. All right, that’s pretty niche, but hell, the boy just wants to replace the words in Velvet Underground songs with the word pizza. It’s all niche. 

The band wrote: “sad that we had to cancel UK shows. Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o explanation,” on their Twitter feed. But an explanation wasn’t needed. And when the band were asked if the shows were going to be rescheduled, the band wrote: “Thanks for your replies, our greasy friends, and we hope to be back soon!”

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Dean Shakespeare, who organised the gig, said: “Regretfully, The Pizza Underground has had to cancel the UK tour dates. The band thanks fans for their enthusiasm and support. “Ticket refunds are available from point of purchase.”

Culkin, 33, is best known for his childhood role as Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone film series. He joined The Pizza Underground in 2012, performing parody songs such as Take a Bite of the Wild Slice (Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side) and All The Pizza Parties (Velvet Underground's All Tomorrow's Parties). But many fans didn’t really see the point in it, and upon reflection, it’s difficult to argue with them.