Everyone's favourite Christmas classic has finally been given a half-decent sequel as Macaulay Culkin returns as the now-troubled Kevin McCallister from 'Home Alone' in the first episode of web series ':DRYVRS'. It's slightly gruesome, full of bad language but is nonetheless a hilarious parody of this all-grown-up beloved character.

Macaulay CulkinKevin McCallister never recovered from his 'Home Alone' trauma

Ever wondered just what happened to Kevin McCallister in his later years? Being left at home (alone) while your family fly to Europe understandably has lasting effects on your morale, but we bet you didn't think things could get this bad. In this episode, lead character Jack Dishel from indie band The Moldy Peaches meets Kevin as he steps in for his wife as a driver for her car service - even though he can't drive. Jack offers to take the wheel, and their subsequent conversation soon gets awkward when Kevin ignores a call from his mother. 'You forward calls from your mom? That's ice cold, dude', says Jack, to the annoyance of Kevin.

'How about this? It's Christmastime, it's f***ing Christmas, and your whole family - right? - goes on vacation', he replies, shaking with retrospective rage. 'Whole family. And they forget their 8-year-old f***ing son... All by yourself in the house for a week. I had to fend off my house from two psychopath home invaders.'

Watch the first episode of :DRYVRS here:

He goes on to confess that he still suffers from nightmares about a 'bald weirdo dude' chasing him, as Jack expresses slightly baffled sympathy. Soon, they encounter an armed car thief screaming at them to get out of the vehicle. While a terrified Jack makes to leave, a calm Kevin tells him to stay, turns to the thief and says: 'You picked the wrong car, my friend.'

Once again, a criminal finds himself having the worst Christmas ever when he his tied up and held hostage in a basement by Kevin, who tells him of his plans to assault him with a scalpel. Apparently true to his word, the episode ends with screaming from the thief and a jubilant Kevin dancing around half naked and covered in blood. 

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You'll never be able to watch 'Home Alone' in the same way again.