Former child star Macaulay Culkin has at last addressed long-standing rumours that he was blowing $6,000 per month on heroin.

Back in 2012, an American magazine claimed that the troubled actor was spending around thousands of dollars every month feeding a heroin addiction. However, Culkin spoke to The Guardian to deny the accuracy of that story, also scotching the suggestion that the person who supplied that story was doing so to help him.

When asked whether people were right to be concerned about him, the 35 year old replied: “Not necessarily”.

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin in New York in 2014

“Of course, when silly stuff is going on - but no, I was not pounding six grand worth of heroin every month or whatever. The thing that bugged me was tabloids wrapping it all in this weird guise of concern. No, you're trying to shift papers.”

While he remained tight-lipped on any further details, he hinted that he would “perhaps”, one day, share his side of the story.

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Culkin enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom before he even was a teenager, playing Kevin McAllister in the iconic ‘80s movie Home Alone and its sequel. Other hits like Richie Rich and Uncle Buck made him the most successful child actor of all time, before he gave up acting to become a roadie for rock acts by 2004.

Trouble with arrests for drug possession followed, before a few years ago he launched his disastrously-received pizza-themed tribute act to The Velvet Underground - called The Pizza Underground – a project he’s looking to revive for a full-length album in the near future.

When asked whether he had any regrets about how his career had panned out in the recent past, Culkin insisted he wouldn’t have done anything different. “It's allowed me to become the person I am, and I like me, so I wouldn't change a thing.”

About the attention he’s attracted from paparazzi throughout his life, he’s long since become used to it – although he finds it difficult to go on dates.

“It's been like that my whole adult life. You take on a prey-like attitude, always scanning the horizon. It's strange on dates, as it looks like you're not paying attention. But I've stopped trying to think of myself in the third person, because that's just gonna drive me nuts. Macaulay Culkin is out there, and I'm Mac. You guys can play with the first one.”

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