By the time everyone found out that Maccaulay Culkin had not, in fact, died on Saturday, November 8, the actor had already thought of a hilarious (more or less) way to make use of the buzz. On Sunday, Culkin’s band posted several pictures to their official Twitter, one with him smiling and holding up a soda with the caption, "We're on tour you silly people / @anchovywarhol's."

Macaulay Culkin
Macaulay Culkin is still very much alive.

So clearly, Culkin was/is alive and well and still delights audiences with his music – that last part is debatable, depending on who you ask, though.

Among the pictures were a group shot and another snap, where Culkin and Co. Recreated the iconic 1959 movie Weekend at Bernie’s (hint: it involves a couple of guys murdering their boss and then pretending he’s still alive.)

"Weekend at bernies with @anchovywarhol #greenroom," the band's handle captioned the photo of Culkin, jokingly playing dead in the arms of his bandmate.

Get it? Get it? It looks like Culkin may have missed out on a career in comedy somewhere along the line.

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The group also retweeted a fan who attended their show at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, who wrote, "Macauley's first words: "I'm alive!" #pizzaunderground #FFFfest."?