Former child star Macaulay Culkin bears a 14-year-old scar on one of his fingers - after Joe Pesci bit him while they shot hit movie Home Alone.

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Culkin was just nine years old when he made the 1990 movie, but that didn't stop Pesci from getting just a little too much into character during an attack scene.

Culkin recalls, "In one of the scenes, they hang me up on the closet door or something and he says, "I'm gonna bite each one of your fingers off, one at a time.' And during rehearsal he actually bit me. He broke the skin and everything!

"I'm a little nine-year-old boy and he's going around biting (my finger). I still have the scar. I didn't even realise until recently.

"I got really mad at him. I was like, 'I don't care how many Oscars you have, or whatever - don't go biting a nine-year-old! What the heck's wrong with you?'"

23/05/2004 21:16