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Britney Spears Case Continues- Ex-Nanny Says There Was NO Meth

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS

As the trial continues against the family of Britney Spears, having been sued by Sam Lufti, Britney's ex-nanny has testified and refutes Lufti's claims, telling TMZ that she never saw any meth in the house. Lufti is suing the spears for libel, defamation and physical assault by Britney's father, Jamie Spears.

TMZ spoke with the nanny, Leah Frand, who told them "I have never seen meth in that house or any type of drug." She even hinted towards the possibility that Lufti may have planted drugs in the home. Frand continued to be scathing about Lufti."I don't know what the hell he was doing [in her life] honestly" she said. "Being Britney's b**** basically and not getting paid for it." She also described him as a "low life loser". 

As more people come to testify it looks as though Lufti's case is a house built on sand. He admitted in court, as reported by NY Daily News, that the contract he had for being Britney's 'manager' was unsigned by the young singer, and that he had never invoiced her lawyers for expenses or payment, nor that he fully understood the terminology of the very basic 'artist-management agreement' which he downloaded from the internet in 2007. As the case goes on, The Sun reports that Britney has been banned by her family from reading anything about the case and told to focus on the X-Factor, amid fears that she would regress to the distressed state she found herself in in 2007-8. The case continues.

Trial Update: Was Sam Lufti Protecting Britney Spears From Paparazzi?

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS Courtney Love

Sam Lufti, Britney Spears’ former manager, has testified in his court case against the singer and her parents.

Lufti took the stand yesterday (October 22, 2012) and portrayed himself as a concerned friend, who doubled as Britney’s manager and denies that he failed to control the mob of paparazzi that hounded her during her breakdown.

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Why Won't Britney Spears Testify? Sam Lufti's Court Case Continues

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS

Britney Spears has been ordered not to participate in a court case against her.

Today, testimonies begin, in Sam Lufti’s case against Britney and her parents. Lufti is Spears’ former manager and is claiming damages from Britney for money that he claims is owed to him from the time that he represented her. He is also suing her mother – LYNNE SPEARS - for defamation (for claims made in her autobiography) and has stated that he was assaulted by Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears.

According to a report from Fox News, Lufti’s lawyers would not confirm whether or not he would be the first to testify in the case but one thing is clear: Britney will not be taking the stand. Britney is still under a court-ordered conservatorship and a judge has told her not to participate in the court proceedings. Does this suggest that Britney’s mental health is still not as stable as we have been led to believe? The ‘Toxic’ singer is currently enjoying a stint as an X Factor judge in the US and apart from a few blips at the start of the season’s filming, she seems to be holding it together pretty well. The fact that she won’t be taking the stand during the trial, though, suggests that all may not be as rosy as the Spears camp would like us to think.

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Attorneys Reveal Battle For Life And Death During Britney Spears Trial

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS Justin Timberlake

The Britney Spears vs. Sam Lufti trial got even deeper yesterday when the attorney representing Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, told jurors that they feared for her life during her meltdown, describing it as "battle for life and death."

The court case began mid-last week and by Friday (Oct 19) the courtroom in Los Angeles had heard the grounds for both sides of the trial, with the entire Spears clan being brought to court by the singer’s former manager and confidant Sam Lufti. Lutfi is seeking damages first from Britney, on the grounds that she allegedly refused to pay him 15 percent of her earnings as her purported manager, despite a verbal agreement the pair had. He is also seeking damages from Jamie Spears for alleged battery, with Lufti claiming that Papa Spears hit him in the stomach back in 2008; and Britney’s mother, LYNNE SPEARS, for defaming him in her 2008 book, Through the Storm.

The first snippet to come from the case that turned heads was that the Spears defence case pinpointed her 2002 break-up with newlywed Justin Timberlake as the catalyst for her downward spiral into mental instability, culminating with her public breakdown in 2007. Now, it has been revealed that by 2007 and on ‘til 2008 when it looked as though Spears was on the road to stability, the Spears clan actually feared for their daughter’s life and believed that she would do something unforgiveable... or worse.

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Was Sam Lufti Protecting Britney Spears? Former Manager's Court Case Continues

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS

Britney Spears’ former manager, Osama ‘Sam’ Lufti, has begun court proceedings against the X Factor judge and her mother. Lufti is suing Britney Spears for breach of contract and is also suing her mother, LYNNE SPEARS, for defamation, in her book Through The Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.

Sam Lufti is painting himself as a concerned friend, who tried to help Britney to get off of the drugs that were clearly destroying her, in the run-up to her ‘psychiatric’ period of 2008. Representatives for Britney and her parents, though are claiming that he “cut their daughter's phone line, hid her mobile phones and used the paparazzi as ‘henchmen’” according to a report from the BBC. During his time as Britney’s manager, Lufti would use sniffer dogs to search her home for drugs and once discovered a substance that Spears said was “probably crystal meth.”

He claims that he was used as a scapegoat to cover up her amphetamine use and is seeking a percentage of Britney Spears' net worth, saying that he signed a deal with her to act as her manager in exchange for 15% of her earnings. In 2008, Britney’s mental health took a turn for the worse. Her father became a conservator of Britney’s estate and a restraining order was placed against Osama Lufti. The trial will resume in Los Angeles today (October 19, 2012), when Spears’ parents’ attorneys will make their opening statements.

Video - Lynne Spears Swimming With Grandchildren

American author LYNNE SPEARS, mother of pop princess Britney Spears and child actress Jamie Lynn Spears, plays with her grandchildren in a hotel swimming pool in Dallas, Texas: Britney's children Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline and Jamie Lynn's child Maddie Briann Aldridge.

Lynne Spears has written three books; two were written with her daughter Britney. The first, 'Heart to Heart', was a biographical account about her eldest daughter while her second, 'A Mother's Gift', was published in 2001 and made into a TV movie in 2008. Lynne also published her memoirs, 'Through The Storm', in 2008
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