Scottish singer Lulu has opened up about the pain of losing her second child during pregnancy after years of keeping her heartache hidden.
The Shout star wed hairdresser John Frieda in the 1970s and they had a son, Jordan. Lulu fell pregnant again in the 1980s, but miscarried the unborn baby.
The tragedy prompted the couple to split and the singer refused to talk about the tragedy for years - but she's spoken about her trauma in new U.K. TV show Something To Shout About.
Lulu says, "In the past, I'd always say, 'I'm not going to talk about this'. But now I think, 'I'm 62'. It was very painful for me not to have another child."
Talking about juggling motherhood with her career, she adds: "It was a balancing act. And often I wasn't doing the things I loved but the things people wanted. How stupid was that?"
The programme airs in Britain on Saturday (15Oct11).