Scottish singer Lulu was left heartbroken in the late Sixties after discovering her then-boyfriend, The Monkees star Davy Jones, was also dating his future wife at the same time.
The Shout hitmaker, 63, struck up a relationship with singer Jones and was convinced he was the one for her.
However, her love dreams were dashed after finding out he was secretly living with Linda Haines - who he married in 1968.
She tells Piers Morgan's Life Stories, "I fell for him and thought he fell for me. I went to L.A. to work at the (former nightclub) Cocoanut Grove­, Davy came to my ­opening night and I fell for him big time. I had to leave L.A. and go to a gig in Miami and, because I hadn't heard from him, I ­wondered what was going on... The next thing I heard was he was getting married.
"He had been living with that girl so he was coming out to see me and taking me out and the girl was living with him and I had no idea. I was ­heartbroken."
Davy Jones passed away in February (12), aged 66.