Luke Pritchard and his wife Ellie Rose, aka Duo, have released their self-titled debut album.

The Kooks frontman, 35, and his 24-year-old singer-songwriter spouse started making music together as a “passion project”.

Combining both their musical and physical chemistry, the 11-track collection boasts previously released songs for 'EP 1' and 'EP 2', including the single ‘Don’t Judge’, which sees the couple take aim at critics of their 11-year age gap.

As per a press release: "The album is a chic, cinematic 11-song ode to connection, kismet, lust and sensuality. Duo is songs from the heart and, occasionally, the hips.”

To celebrate the launch of the record, the pair will host a free-to-view playback of the album on December 18 from 7pm BST on their website

The stream will feature Duo in "an intimate, chaotic restaurant setting where everything goes wrong. From a wife catching her cheating husband in the act, to fights, someone choking and even the police hot on the heels of a bank robber. While this is all happening, Luke and Ellie are totally engrossed in each other's company, completely unaware of the mayhem that is happening behind them. In a juxtaposition to the carnage that is being caused, the whole experience is soundtracked by sweet and delicate sounds of the album.”

What’s more, Bogue Profumo have produced LiTA, a genderless perfume inspired by the dreamy French pop-inspired music.

The work of renowned perfumer, Antonio Gardoni, the scent "hits notes of Indian dark patchouli, Bulgarian Tobacco, Malaysian and Thai benzoin resin, vanilla and ylang ylang from Madagascar to produce a dark and smoky aroma."

And those who purchase one of the limited vinyl copies of ‘Duo’ are in for a special treat, as the embossed sleeve is scented with the fragrance.

The track-listing for ‘Duo’ is:

1. 'Don’t Judge'

2. 'Baby Blue'

3. 'Through The Night'

4. 'Lolita, No!'

5. 'La Di Dah'

6. ‘Interlude'

7. ‘Darling'

8. 'French House'

9. 'Love In The Afternoon'

10. 'Pontiac GTO'

11. 'Sidewinder'