Bros would reunite for a ''big summer show.''

The 80s boyband - which included twins Matt and Luke Goss with Craig Logan - were catapulted into the spotlight in 1987 with their second single, 'When Will I Be Famous?', and would consider teaming up once again if they could put on a spectacular performance in a huge stadium.

Matt exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''If somebody came in respectfully and said this can be a big summer outrageous show and everyone is going to have the best time, I think I can safely say we would all absolutely consider it.''

Matt kicked off his solo career in 1995 with single 'The Key', after which the London born star took up a Las Vegas residency, firstly at the The Palms Casino Resort before moving to Caesars Palace.

Matt prefers being a solo artist as he doesn't have to compromise and because he thinks music should reflect your personal views.

He explained: ''I prefer being a solo artist. Being in a band is like being a politician. It's a democracy and I don't think music should be a democracy - you should make the music exactly how you want to. I think when you're young you get a little more compromised than you would normally.''

Matt worked on his new album 'Life You Imagine' with legendary producer Ron Fair and despite Ron's years of experience making music with the likes of Lady GaGa, U2 and Black Eyed Peas, they often clashed. However, through the music making process they became closer as they developed a mutual respect for each others talent.

He added: ''Now when you make music I make music I'm working with one of the biggest producers in the world ... huge artist 28 Grammy nominations and he said this is the album of his life.

''Even though he is Ron Fair we butted heads in the most severe ways but we became blood brothers because of it. He respected my [passion] and I respected his.''

'Life You Imagine' is released on October 14 and Matt performs live at Cafe De Paris in London between October 3 and 9, tickets available from