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23rd September 2015

Quote: "I'm lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to hear those two songs, which will become songs that children will sing, adults will sing, people in musicals will end up singing them at some point; they'll become audition pieces. They will become part of this amazing legacy of a film we already have, a story that is so ingrained in my childhood memory... They are incredibly unique and different. And the thought and love that has gone into those two songs honour the work of the original so well." Actor Luke Evans can't wait for film fans to hear the two original songs he sings in the new Beauty & the Beast movie.

4th December 2014

Quote: "The Crow is not, not for me, I think it's a little... I mean I'm sure it's going to go ahead at some point, but I have other projects that are greenlit and ready to go and projects that I'm very interested in and, you know, I can't wait much longer!" Welsh actor Luke Evans is no longer attached to The Crow remake.

19th December 2013

Quote: "I'm the only human in the story." Actor Luke Evans on his role in new film The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

19th December 2013

Fact: Actor Luke Evans' kids in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug were played by co-star James Nesbitt's children. He says, "They had to do Welsh accents."

19th December 2013

Quote: "It was 18 months, a special experience... We lived the life of a Wellingtonian." Actor Luke Evans really felt like a New Zealander while shooting new movie The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

7th May 2013

Fact: Sexy Sarah Gadon is in talks to romance Clash Of The Titans hunk Luke Evans in a new Dracula revamp. The film will bookend Bram Stoker's literary legend for executives at Universal - the studio produced the classic Dracula adaptation in 1931.

2nd May 2012

Fact: British actor Luke Evans has been offered the role of the supervillain in the sixth Fast & The Furious film, according to online reports. The Raven star has reportedly replaced Jason Statham as the man who will go up against Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the sequel, which will also feature Michelle Rodriguez, whose character was presumed dead in an earlier movie, and Dwayne Johnson.

12th August 2011

Quote: "It's not a big issue, and it's never going to be a big issue for me. Whether I'm successful or if I weren't successful, at least I'll never have that skeleton in the closet they can rattle out." Openly gay actor Luke Evans insists his private life will never interfere with his career.

5th October 2010

Quote: "I kept all my socks because they were really nice socks. They were woollen socks... from some Scottish woollen mill. I go camping a lot and I go walking, so they're perfect." Actor Luke Evans on the keepsakes he took home from the set of TAMARA DREWE.

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