British actor Luke Evans is planning to step behind the camera to make his directorial debut with a new short film.

The Clash of the Titans star reveals he is currently working on the as-yet-untitled movie's script with pal Chris Chibnall, who penned his Bbc drama The Great Train Robbery, and Evans is keen to bring the story to life himself.

He tells, "I'm trying to sort out a short film that I'm writing with a friend of mine, which I would like to direct for my own self, really.

"I think it'll probably end up being about a 20-minute film. I'm not exactly sure, because we haven't totally finished the script yet."

Evans adds, "Directing is something I've always felt like I'd like to do at one point and I thought the best way to start is to write something myself or with someone and I'd go from there. My own material."

He is hoping to draw from his own experiences working with the likes of Peter Jackson on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug to turn his first project as director into a success.

Evans says, "I guess once you've been acting for a long time you glean the great bits of good directors and the bad bits from other directors and you know the way that you would like to be directed. Look at Clint Eastwood, for example. There's a lot of directors who were actors, so they have the sensibility of an actor, which sometimes helps."