There's that expression; 'you can't choose who you work with'. That can be at its worst for actors when there's no chemistry off screen, but for Luke Evans and Josh Gad they were almost immediately the best of friends when they teamed up for 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Luke Evans and Josh GadLuke Evans and Josh Gad star in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Luke Evans plays the villainous narcissist Gaston in the forthcoming live action re-boot of the 1991 Disney animation of the same name, while Josh Gad portrays his faithful sidekick Le Fou. It seems they make the perfect duo in real life too.

'I've not done much comedy in my career, not for the want of trying, and this was my chance to do it', he explained. 'I hadn't thought so much about how the interaction would work with Le Fou and then I met Josh and then I realised that whatever I had in mind that was going to be funny was only going to be emphasised and made better by having the likes of Josh in the scene with me.'

Watch the trailer for 'Beauty and the Beast' here:


He adds that the two of them were able to bounce off each other with ease, and work in very much a collaborative fashion. 'We like each other', he says. 'The compatriotism we have with each other started off the screen and so we've brought it onto the screen and we've just had the best time.'

The actor wishes that shooting had lasted a year rather than just three months because of how much fun he had. The film, which has been directed by Bill Condon, also stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, while Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen are among the supporting cast.

Luke has also been shooting for crime series 'The Alienist', Meredith Danluck's 'State Like Sleep', the Wonder Woman creator biopic 'Professor Marston & the Wonder Women', and a thriller written by Noel Clarke entitled '10×10'.

'Beauty and the Beast' will be released on March 17th 2017.