'Beauty and the Beast' stars Luke Evans and Josh Gad got a break from the regular round of generic promotional interviews when they appeared on The Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1 last week. They were asked to take part in the AlphabetiCall telephone prank - and needless to say, they both won.

Josh Gad and Luke Evans in 'Beauty and the Beast'Josh Gad and Luke Evans star in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Anyone can conduct a prank call, but it takes a special kind of person to do so by starting every sentence with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet, all the way to 'Z'. Luke Evans and Josh Gad, how play Gaston and Le Fou respectively in the forthcoming live action version of 'Beauty and the Beast', managed it however with a themed pair of calls appropriate to their latest film.

Luke was given a pest control company to phone, to which he complained of a 'Beast' in his house which had got through his 'Dog flap' and was 'Easily two foot long'. He explained that he thought it was a 'Fox' or, more seriously, a 'Killer fox' at first, but that it had left 'Guano' so perhaps it was a 'House pigeon'. 

He spent the rest of the phone call complimenting the pest control man ('No-one fights pests like Wayne!') on his agreeable nature and in the end suggested he should bring his 'X-ray machine' and send the said creature to the 'Zoo'. 

Josh nodded appreciately as Luke easily talked his way through the challenge, somehow never managing to let on that it was prank. Josh needn't have felt threatened though because he also really swung it when he phoned up a hair salon to make an appointment on behalf of his employer because 'Frankly, he needs a lot of work'. 

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He spent a lot of time pretending to note down an email address from the salon, and almost lost his footing at 'X', recovering with a smooth 'Xanadu is my... the person that I work for is an actor and he's getting ready to do a performance in the show Xanadu'. For 'Z', things got a little weird: 'Zootopia is another thing that he was in if that helps.'

'Beauty and the Beast' arrives in theatres on March 17th 2017.