Movie star Luke Evans realised he had taken relaxed toilet trips for granted on the set of Dracula Untold - because it would take him 20 minutes to get his armour off so he could pee.

The Welsh actor admits he loved his elaborate costume at first, because it "turned heads" on set - but he had to moderate his liquid intake as a quick trip to the bathroom was, in fact, a huge drama.

The Three Musketeers star explains, "It's hard to move in the armour and fight in the armour, and I was unable to sit down in that armour. So, whenever I was in the armour, I would spend 12 hours standing or leaning.

"I couldn't pee. It would take 20 minutes to get the armour off so I could pee. There were very scary moments where I didn't get to the toilet quick enough! It looked good but you suffer for your art."