So apparently, there’s a Dracula Untold sequel in the works. Director Gary Shore allegedly spilled some details on the possible follow-up to his 2014 flop at New York City Comic-Con. To tie in with the vampire theme, I’ll use a Buffy reference: does anybody even notice? Does anybody even care?

Dracula Untold
Dracula Untold 2: It's possible, but does the world really need it?

Anyway, let’s talk about it. According to Hollywood Hills, a sequel is yet to be greenlit by Universal/Legendary Pictures. But the plot of the original (I use that term loosely) Dracula Untold certainly lends itself to a sequel. The plot of the potential, completely hypothetical (wink) movie could cover a period of time between the 1460s and the present day.

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Here’s director Gary Shore’s take on it: “Personally, if I was to approach it again, I’d love to be able to explore something in between 1460s and modern day. There’s loads of history within Europe that you could just do something that we haven’t seen with a Dracula film.”

Watch the trailer for Dracula Untold below.