The singer's annual Farm Tour runs from 30 September (15) until 10 October (15) and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes towards providing scholarships to kids from farming families.

Luke's outdoor concert in Lexington, Kentucky on 1 October (15) was called off after torrential rain hit the region, and he later had to axe shows in Knoxville, Kentucky and Columbia, South Carolina.

The shows have all been rescheduled, and the singer admits he has just been terribly unlucky with the wet weather, joking he is to blame because of his 2010 hit song Rain Is a Good Thing.

"Obviously, I preach that rain is a good thing," he tells "But when you're trying to do shows, it makes things a little difficult... This has certainly been our most challenging year... We had to postpone Lexington because we had five or six inches of rain... We pulled off the pavement, and every tour bus and truck literally started sinking. We had to get tow trucks to get us out.

"People obviously weren't going to be able to park their cars. Then, we had to reschedule Knoxville, and Columbia, South Carolina, of course. Now, we've got the dates rescheduled. We're going to make it up to the fans every way we can."

However, Luke is trying to remain philosophical about the problems.

"The fun thing about it is that there is no complacency because it throws you curve balls every year. It keeps everybody on their toes," he adds.