Luis Fonsi thinks Demi Lovato has got ''the most powerful vocal in the world''.

The 39-year-old star has enlisted Demi's help for the track 'Échame la Culpa', and he's admitted to being blown away by her talent.

He shared: ''She was really excited about singing in Spanish, and she just killed it. She's just amazing.''

Luis achieved worldwide fame on the back of the success of 'Despacito', which topped charts around the globe.

But he's explained that, at this point of his career, he felt ready to embrace the attention.

He told Billboard: ''A lot of things change, some things sort of stay the same.

''I've been doing this for 20 years, so it came at a time where I was prepared to sort of handle the madness, the beautiful madness.''

And Luis feels proud that he's been able to take Spanish music around the world and has helped to make it so popular.

The star said: ''Of course, some things change.

''I've been able to perform and take my music to countries, to places where Latin music, or music in Spanish normally does not get played, so that's what I'm mostly proud of - to be able to go into beautiful places and sing in Spanish, sing in English and get to know a new audience, and to be able to celebrate all of this with the audience that has seen me grow up in the last 20 years.''