Michelle Rodroguez is ''really happy'' that a female writer has been added to 'Fast & Furious' series staff.

The 42-year-old actress - who has portrayed Letty Ortiz Toretto in every installment of the action franchise since 2001 - feels ''super grateful'' that producers listened to her campaigning to get a woman included in the writers room as she thinks its important that the female characters in the movies ''get some love''.

Speaking on The Jess Cagle Show on SiriusXM, she said: ''Super grateful that they were open to it. I wanted a female writer. I wanted all the females in 'Fast & Furious' to get some love.''

Michelle insisted a woman's perspective is needed on the writing team to prevent the female characters being sidelined in favour of their male counterparts.

She added: ''The thing is, is that all the guys are focused on the guys, period.

''It's just an egoist natural thing. For people, people just care about themselves usually, or people who look like them or act like them or have the same genitalia, I don't know. It's just how it works.

''And so I just know that if I bring up a female writer and she might care a little more about the female story.''

The actress is hoping the behind-the-scenes change will make a difference to her own character, who she thinks has always been too ''alpha and angry and ready to kick some a**.''

She added: ''It just doesn't work. It's not natural. And I think that you need a female voice to understand that.''

Meanwhile, the star laughed over Ludacris' recent claims that the franchise was heading into space.

She joked: ''How did you guys find that out? See what happens? People start talking behind the scenes, man.

''When a movie doesn't come out and forget about it, things get out. Nobody was supposed to know that!''