British actress Lucy Punch became an ordained minister so she could officiate at the wedding of two pals.
The Hot Fuzz star is an online reverend after receiving a certificate from the Universal Life Church, and she's quite thrilled by the title.
She says, "I got it laminated for my mother and for my friends. It's real but it's not official."
But her duties as a wedding official left a lot to be desired.
She explains, "It was this wedding in France and I had to get the train there; I went to Belgium by mistake... I got on the wrong train, I fell asleep.
"And then half an hour before I'm doing the service I lose what I'm supposed to say... but the worst (thing) was... They're looking into each other's eyes and I've got their rings and I was shaking; I was so nervous. I'm playing with her ring and I'm putting it on my finger and she's got teeny fingers, and I couldn't get it off... I nearly married myself to my friend's fiance."