TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh has made headlines today, after she made a bit of a fashion faux pas at last night’s Pride of Britain Awards 2012. But just how bad was it?

Looking at the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ headlines, you’d assume that she was in nip-slip territory, or perhaps an entire breast on display… But actually, Mecklenburgh’s biggest crime last night was playing it a little bit too safe, in the fashion stakes, by wearing a black bra under her semi-sheer patterned dress. To be fair to her critics, it did look a little odd and presumably the dress was designed to be worn with some kind of discreet device to keep her modesty intact. A strapless bra, perhaps, or some of those fancy nipple covers.

Still, if she’d opted for the latter and that had gone wrong, then she really would have been in trouble and the headlines would have been even more dramatic this morning. You can hardly blame the girl for trying to stay comfortable on her night out, now, can you? In fact, we rather respect the girl for not playing by the so-called ‘rules’ of fashion and potentially playing into the hands of the paparazzi. We still think The Only Way Is Essex beauty looked stunning last night.