Great news for fans of Pretty Little Liars – it’s getting a spin-off! This is a sure sign of a show’s huge success or, more worryingly, a sign it might be winding down.

ABC are not only picking up the drama for a fifth season, they’ve also revealed that there will be a spin-off that will premiere after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode in October! How exciting! The spin-off will be called Ravenswood. Hopefully it will be more Frasier than Joey in the spin-off ratings.

According to USA Today, Ravenswood will center on a town near its parent show’s Rosewood, Pa., that apparently has been under a generations-long, deadly curse. The story goes that five strangers who are connected by the curse need to work out how to stop it, which involves a fair of research and looking back into the town’s history. That sounds a bit boring. Are they just going to be sat in a library or on the internet every episode? The Lucy Hale-starring Pretty Little Liars, if you recall, revolves around four teenage girlfriends who lose touch after the death of a friend, but are reunited when they begin receiving messages suggesting the friend is still alive. It returns for a new season on June 11th, based on the back of a great season 3 set of ratings, culminating in 2.9 million viewers watching its finale.

Lucy HaleLucy Hale stars in Pretty Little Liars